Long Week, Long Post Pt. II


Continued from Pt. I

Next is Thursday. Thanks to Shafna’s brilliant suggestion the night before, I booked a meeting room for our group so that we can actually focus without much distractions. That is a must from now on, in my opinion. It’s a MUST to utilise the meeting rooms in the school libraries.. But once again, we did not make much progress. Shafna had to go for her CASS club meeting and another group member had to go soon too. I was actually hoping we could finish the entire concept paper because I wasn’t expecting us to make any changes. However, there were suggestions as to how to make it better and although it would require rephrasing and rethinking of quite a lot of information, I just went with the flow. So when Shafna left, we still had only figured out half of our revised concept. Thankfully, we were able to figure out the second half before the other member left and we decided to edit the Google document online that night.

T.G.I. Friday. Any other week, it would be great if it was a Friday but with a concept pitch the following day there was no slacking around. We had to finish the concept paper which after the previous night Google document edits still required rephrasing. We had to work on the slides and this was a MESS. We had animations to explain our game mechanics. We have all the information on our Google documents presentation slides. And lastly we have a video trailer to add in. If that isn’t enough, we still had to add animations and change the fonts accordingly. Last minute? I know. And I also know that saying we don’t have enough time is no excuse. So let me just continue explaining how we managed to finish everything on time. WE DIDN’T. We exceeded the submission deadline by six minutes. To add on, we realised that when viewed on the lecturer’s laptop, the fonts on our slides were all MESSED UP. After some on-the-spot panicking and quick fixes, everything was settled. We just had to rehearse the slides. And… we also had T-Shirts we had to design. We needed to stand out in someway and we thought what better way then to create our own T-Shirts. But we didn’t have much time. Although I was confident with the game mechanics before all the changes, I was a complete wreck when rehearsing the explanation of our revised concept. Thanks to my group mates I was able to remember the key points and shorten down my three minute explanation to just a simple and clear one minute explanation. However, I still had to memorise the script. By the time I was on the train home, it was already ten-something at night. I was completely tired and I knew I had to wake up at five the next day because my group was meeting at seven in the morning.

T.G.I.SATURDAY. The day of the pitch. Woke up and rehearsed the explanation a couple of times. I managed to get most of it right. My group mates arrived and we all practiced and we were under the time limit. Are things really starting to work out for us? We practiced a couple of times while laughing and having fun along the way. We also helped calm each other down. When it was time to report to the Lecture theatre, we changed into the tees we designed and walked in fashionably on-time. We got the reaction we wanted from everyone and I’m glad we made the T-shirts. Yes, Yes… the haters would make snide remarks about how we wasted our money and time but guess what? We have something to remember the pitch and concept by forever. I wasn’t that nervous but the lecture theatre was really cold that I was shaking from the coldness. Not exaggerating. I hope no one noticed. I believe I delivered my part of the pitch just like rehearsed although I missed out some information but I guess it wasn’t that important.

After my group’s pitch, I had to leave the lecture theatre to warm up. I contemplated standing in one of the car park lots where the sun was shining but thought that I would look stupid if someone walked out and noticed me doing so. So I just took some time and re-entered the lecture theatre. The rest of the pitches went smoothly and now it was time for the March Babies Birthday celebration! This required quite a bit of planning since there were four birthdays to celebrate and not that many days in March to celebrate the birthdays since the school holidays would officially start on the 5th of March. So after trying to keep the birthday plans a secret for a long time and almost ruining the surprise twice, we managed to pull it off! YAY! It’s just something about birthdays that brings everyone together and I feel the most united with the class when we are celebrating someone’s birthday. We also discussed the item we wanted to put up for the Grad Show and we decided on a singing and dance item. We tried out the first few steps which was another of reminding me that I can’t dance.

BUT my day doesn’t end there. I reunited with two close friends from secondary school for dinner. They wanted to attend the SMU Open House which to me was a complete bore. I joined them only for one talk and it was enough to bore me. We wanted to leave and just as we got up the speaker said her talk has ended and everyone stared at us as she awaited questions from the audience. Still… we managed to escape. We had dinner, caught up, laughed and also did some research for a overseas trip that we have in mind for 2024. I know it’s silly but it’s nothing new with these friends.

I would blog about Sunday since this is being posted on a Sunday but I didn’t do much. I told myself I wanted to focus on the pre-production work for the video but I have been procrastinating and catching up on all my reality shows. Just another three days and I really want to celebrate the end of the first school year in a fun way. We’ll see how that plays out. Right now, I’m going to get back to making some edits to the pre-production document so I don’t feel completely guilty. Until next time,



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