Celebrate 100 Posts & The Holidays

100-posts-icon OMG. Is this really my 100th post? I’ve had like two blogs before this one and this is the only one that I’ve had the discipline to continue blogging even if I went M.I.A for a week because of all the school assignments. I can’t exactly remember WHY I started blogging, but I clearly remember WHEN I started and WHO helped me create and name this blog. When? It was on the day that me and my course mates attended the LIVE recording of The Final 1, a local reality-singing competition. Who? Well, while some of us were passing time, my two friends, Jamie and Minyi helped me in the process of creating this blog. Figuring out the title was definitely something difficult. Up ’til now, I still feel like this title doesn’t fully represent me but I settled for it because most of these posts will only take you a few minutes to read and thereby it’s like you’re spending minutes with me a.k.a MinutesWithAravind. What I love most about my blog is, it provides me with a platform to write out exactly how I’m feeling and express my thoughts which are often cryptic and after that, I almost always feel better. In addition to that, I can always look back and remember how I felt about various things that I blogged about because I’ve pretty much documented my best and worst moments, on this blog. So that’s how I feel about having a hundred posts and here’s to hoping that I’ll have another hundred even with the stressful second year of school coming right up. Speaking of documenting the best moments, let me mention the fun time I had with my classmates this past Wednesday. It was the last day of our first year of school. The plan was to go to town and have some Coldstone ice cream because it’s dee-lish. And I invited all my classmates to join those of us who were going because to me it only made sense that I end the school year with the people I started it with. Just incase you were wondering, not everyone showed up. It was just about half the class but we still had loads of fun and laughter. The Coldstone experience might not have been the best for everyone since the stove wasn’t working and thus they couldn’t mix the ice cream for us. (If you don’t know how Coldstone works, they will mix the toppings into the ice cream for you and that requires the stove.) After enjoying the ice cream, chatting and walking around, we also had dinner together. I was honestly thinking about giving a toast but it wasn’t like we were at a classy restaurant with glasses and champagne, so I decided against it. But if I did give a toast, I would have mentioned how fast time flies and how I really want to enjoy the next two years with my classmates because before we know it, we won’t be seeing each other everyday in school. I also suggested we come back and spend our day the same way in two weeks time. Hopefully the plans don’t get cancelled. But I know for a fact that whether alone or with friends, I’ll definitely be heading down to Coldstone again before the holidays end. Today was also a great day because I spent it out with my parents. It’s been a really long time since I last went out with them because of all the school assignments and they are busy with their own stuff too. So it was refreshing today. It also helps how I got some new pants and a new pair of shoes which I really love. Now, let’s go to the not-so-great moments. The school holidays have barely started and I am already overwhelmed by the number of things coming up during the holidays. This overwhelming feeling almost gave me a panic attack yesterday but thankfully I avoided it but listing out everything that’s coming up on a calendar. I tried looking for a physical calendar but settled for the one on my Macbook instead. So after organising everything, I realised it’s just the preparation activities for two camps and a grad show that I was overwhelmed by. Of course, factor in me wanting to spend time with friends & family and also wanting to catch up on all my shows, I think I did have a valid reason to panic. There were other superficial things that I got paranoid about and I keep telling myself to chill out. I’m not a ‘camp guy’, and going for two camps back to back is going to be something new for me. Part of me is blaming myself for signing up while the other is telling me that I need to break out of this shell ASAP. I’m worried about making new friends too. I feel like I forgot how to do that. But I know that the best advice is to just be myself and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. As for the grad show, I’m confused as to how formal our dressing is supposed to be since we aren’t the ones graduating. I was extremely confused about what I was going to get tomorrow when I go shopping with a few friends. But after today’s shopping, I have a clearer idea of what I need to get tomorrow. The class also has to prepare an item for the grad show. We’re thinking about doing a talk show recording parody but it might require a lot of work. We need to do the casting and rehearsing in less than two weeks before the grad show on the 25th of March. Yikes! Now, you can’t actually tell me I’m panicking for nothing…. Right? In other news, the bloggers in my class and I are starting this #LetterByLetter thing from the 10th of March, Monday, where we have to go down the alphabet and write a post for each letter before the holidays end. Basically, the post will be about the first thing that comes to our mind when we see a certain letter. We have to explain why and what it means to us. This could be seen as a race to see who completes all letters first or it could just be seen as something to keep us active on our blogs. Whichever way it is, I’m honestly excited to see everyone’s takes on each letter. Especially the last few letters like X and Z. Hopefully more people will join in after we start. There’s still so much more to come now that the holidays have just started. Until next time, PEACE OUT.


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