#LetterByLetter: B


#LetterByLetter is something that me and my classmates who blog are doing during the holidays. We will go down the alphabet, one for each post and write what each letter means to us. It can be something symbolic or just a word that starts with that letter. The objective is to be active on our blogs and also to see who can finish all the letters first. So, it’s time for the second post!

‘B’ is for BOOKS as far as I’m concerned.

I remember reading being one of the things I enjoyed doing while growing up. And I still enjoy it. It’s just that time is an issue nowadays. Going back to the topic, as a kid, I enjoyed reading mysteries and so my favourite series was, A-Z Mysteries. It’s about three friends solving mysteries. Each mystery would start with a different letter. Sounds familiar? Anyway, reading was fun because it was something different from all the digital games that everyone else was playing. I was learning and improving my English in a way and it was all just great. I’m so thankful that my parents got me to read growing up because if not for them then I think my command of English would be a lot worse in the present day.

Back then reading was just a hobby and I didn’t realise how it is actually an escape from reality. This break from reality is just what you need sometimes, you know? Sometimes the action and adventure is cool. Like the book I’m currently reading: Skullduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy. A book about how this girl meets a detective who is a skeleton and is introduced to a world of magic.Or even books like those in the Harry Potter series. It’s just an alternate universe that you enter every time you start reading. Usually one that you wish you were in and that is what keeps us reading.

Side note: I read Skullduggery Pleasant once a few years back and when I finally wanted to read the second book a few months ago, I realised I forgot what had happened. So I decided to re-read it. I’m like 50 pages away from finishing it. That’s probably going to be my goal tonight.

And then you have the books that you enjoy because you can just simply relate to the protagonist. For me, such a book would be, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. I think it’s pretty obvious that I could relate to it because I feel like I spent ten years being a wallflower through both primary and secondary school. Having realised that, I did try to make a change but I wonder if it’s for the better because sometimes I miss the old’ me; the quiet one that kept to himself.

Anyway, speaking of books that you relate to, I’m really excited to read A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby. I don’t relate to it because I’ve wanted to commit suicide but it’s because having a group of people that completely understand you is not the easiest thing to achieve. And if the four protagonists in the story have each others’ backs, I just want to read to know what it’s like. Now, I’m not saying I don’t have anyone that understands me… Because I do have a handful. But isn’t it true that we always want something more than what we already have? I’ll probably finish the first two Skullduggery Pleasant books before I get to it though.

On a lighter note, I’m trying to get the people around me to read because that’s a motivator for me to read. Hopefully, I’ll at least finish four books this holidays. That’s my goal for now. Until next time,



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