#Mixology: “Who knows why …

“Who knows why we change? Do we just get fed up with being ourselves or do we just get fed up with everyone underestimating us? Or maybe we change because we want to feel something we’ve never felt before.”

– Bruce (Mixology)

I was watching this show titled, Mixology (and not to worry it’s not a reality show). It’s about 10 people that spend the night at this club and how they all form relationships with one another. Some friendships, others more than just that. It’s a pretty cool show because the whole season takes place in ONE night. Amazing, right? And it’s pretty good too. You should give it a try if you got the time. Anyway, the quote is something that got me thinking and it definitely speaks for itself.


3 thoughts on “#Mixology: “Who knows why …

  1. Nice quite for sure. I believe life is about experience and change. I Don’t do stagnation very well. So, time for a change!

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