#LetterByLetter: H


#LetterByLetter is something that me and my classmates who blog are doing during the holidays. We will go down the alphabet, one for each post and write what each letter means to us. It can be something symbolic or just a word that starts with that letter. The objective is to be active on our blogs and also to see who can finish all the letters first. This is the eight post in the series.

For the letter, ‘H’, I’ll be talking about the HOLIDAYS!

So much has been happening lately and it’s a huge contrast to the previous school holidays where I would just sit at home and try to finish up as many shows as possible. Granted, I am still trying to catch up on all my shows but I just have a lot lesser time, these days. So this post is basically to catch everyone up on what I’ve been up to lately.

Last Friday, I was invited by a couple of classmates to join them in playing Dungeons and Dragons. I appreciated their invite and I gladly gave it a try. Although I was blur about everything that was going on at first, I ended up having fun during the first session. Which led to me attending the second session three days ago. And this time it was an overnight session with different role-playing games. The second session was not only the first time I overnighted at a friend’s place but also my first time getting up-close and personal with both a cat AND a dog. I was nervous but after like ten minutes, I got used to the both of them. I couldn’t stop petting them too. The games were interesting and there were laughs. That is what’s most important in my opinion.

Here’s a shoutout to Chelsea and her children, Rainee & Eden for hosting the overnight session.

After the overnight session, all of us left at about 7am in the morning. I reached home at about 8am and set an alarm for 11am because I was meeting a close friend from secondary school later that day. And I HAD to squeeze in that meeting that day because there was no other time she was free since she was working during the holidays. We caught up, laughed and insulted each other like old times. It just wrapped up the day perfectly.

Yesterday was the graduation show for the seniors which we call, the DTVM awards. It took place yesterday and I’m glad that my class’ skit went well. It was a really fun event with a red carpet and all that. However, I can’t help but be saddened by the fact that in two years my batch will graduate. I won’t be able to see my classmates and annoy them everyday, like I do now. So I guess it’s just the reminder I needed to cherish the time we have left together. And yes, that includes the group assignments too.

Now onto what’s still to come during the holidays. Like I’ve mentioned in one or two of my previous posts, I signed up for two camps and that’s the main reason why I’ve been busy. Yes, yes. Some might say that I got myself into this mess and that is actually the truth. But I guess I’m just trying out new things, meet new people and for once, take a step towards coming out of my shell instead of pondering over it but backing out the last minute. Thus why, having signed up for the camps last month leaves me no chance but to go forth with it now. I’m just trying to remind myself that it’ll be a fun and memorable experience.

I’m also contemplating volunteering for the Freshmen Orientation Programme. That would take up the last and my only free week during the holidays. It will be nice to meet the juniors and help them fit in but I don’t know. Is it really worth it or will I be over-exerting myself. Oh well, here’s to hoping everything goes well,


P.S: I also spent last Friday evening and night with two of my best friends from secondary school so that was fun as well. We played a couple of games and had dinner together. Thought I should mention that.


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