#LetterByLetter: J


#LetterByLetter is something that me and my classmates who blog are doing during the holidays. We will go down the alphabet, one for each post and write what each letter means to us. It can be something symbolic or just a word that starts with that letter. The objective is to be active on our blogs and also to see who can finish all the letters first. This is the tenth post in the series.

It took me a really long time to figure out what ‘J’ stood for. Which is why I’ve been procrastinating writing this post. Plus, I just got back from camp yesterday. Anyway, I had time to think and I guess I have two words! JOURNEY and JEALOUSY.

First, I’ll explain JOURNEY. I strongly believe and agree that life is a journey and that the different phases are just various pitstops. There are ups and downs. Some people that enter and join in our journey and others that leave. But everything happens so fast and time stops for no one. It’s really sad if you actually think about it. We focus on all the wrong things and then when certain things come to an end we hope that it could last longer. Sigh. I’m guilty of this myself.

However, life is like a LIVE reality TV show that is recording 24/7. We should enjoy the good times while they last because before we know it something not-so-great will happen. But the difficult times are what keeps us going and motivated. At least, that’s how I see it. Yeah, I know I’ve probably wrote something similar to this before but I thought I should just mention it here, in this post too.

Next, let me move on to JEALOUSY. Feeling envious or jealous is such a shitty feeling but it’s inevitable. We all want something more than what we already have. Yes, I’m guilty of this too. I guess I get jealous because I get attached to people easily and wear my heart on my sleeve. So, I often think that I have something special with someone but it’s often not mutual and just turns out to be something normal for them. Not talking about some sappy love bullsh*t. I’m referring to friendships.

But you know, as Paris Hilton would say, “Jealousy is such an evil thing.” That’s actually from one of her songs. Don’t be too quick to judge, it’s a pretty good song. I would totally be able to relate to it if it was from the other perspective. Regardless, some of the lines are still relatable. Give it a listen?

That’s the end of my ‘J’ post. Shall use the rest of this post to just write a summary of the first out of two camps I attended during the holidays. It was my first camp in ages so I was definitely paranoid. Did I pack enough? Did I overpack? Will I be able to survive? And… I did. I wasn’t part of the camp as a camper. I was part of it just to help out with the games (GP). And since the camp was Hunger Games-Themed, the GPs were called the Peacekeepers. The camp turned out to be fun and I’m really glad I signed up. I made some new friends and met some of the freshies. I really hope that all the Peacekeepers keep in touch though. The Victors(Group leaders) did a great job and likewise the Capitol(Organising Committee).

And that above is my quick summary of the CASS Freshmen Orientation Camp 2014/2015. I’ll be away for another camp the next four days. So, until next time…



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