#LetterByLetter: M


#LetterByLetter is something that me and my classmates who blog are doing during the holidays. We will go down the alphabet, one for each post and write what each letter means to us. It can be something symbolic or just a word that starts with that letter. The objective is to be active on our blogs and also to see who can finish all the letters first. This is the 13th post in the series. HALFWAY POINT. But the holidays are already close to ending. #Damn.

‘M’ is for MIKA. Anyone that knows me, knows that I love Mika for various reasons. His style, his story, his songs and the list goes on and on. He is relatable and inspiring. I only became a fan early last year and that’s because I started understanding his songs. Back in secondary school, I came across some of his songs but I didn’t make much of them. However, now it’s different. So, I’m going to dedicate this post to some of my most favourite Mika song lyrics and quotes.

Let’s start with my favourite Mika song, Emily. I listened to this on repeat the day I discovered it. Why don’t you give it a listen too?

“Pourquoi tu gâches ta vie?”

– Mika (Emily)

Not trying to be pretentious by quoting something French. I did have to use google to translate what it meant. It translated to, “Why do you waste your life?” which really made me think about it. Why do I overthink and worry so much?  I’ve introduced this song only to a handful of people because this song is something special to me. So far, both my cousins and a friend have told me that they love the song too. So, now I thought why not introduce it to everyone reading my blog too?

The next song is another one of my favourites! It’s a song that tells you everything will be okay and to just CELEBRATE!

“Once I get up I feel better.
Then I pull myself together.
I remember those two letters.
It will be OK.”

– Mika (Celebrate)

Once again, I love this song because of the meaning behind it. Especially since I worry so much, I love any song that tells me it’ll all be okay. It doesn’t hurt that Mika looks amazing in the video too. *wink*

The next set of lyrics might be hard to understand or relate to. I loved the song and then I realised that it was in reference to your conscience. At least, that’s what I think. Because sometimes your conscience weighs you down.

“There’s a one foot boy eleven stone. 
He’s sitting on my shoulder .
I’m too scared to look away, 
He comes here almost everyday. 
And everyday I push him off and tell him boy we’re over.”

– Mika (One Foot Boy)

Up next, it’s lyrics about changing your perspective on life. We all think we have it bad, but there’s almost always someone who has it worse. So, keep that in mind the next time you complain that your life is hard.

“So I was sitting there in the bar and this guy comes up to me and he said “My life stinks” and I saw his gold credit card and I saw the way he was looking at people across the room and I looked at his face and you know, what a good looking face, and I just said, “Dude, your perspective on life sucks”.

– Mika (Blame it on the Girls)

I’ve only got two more quotes so hang in there! Here’s something simple that I think should be on a T-shirt or a cup.

“Don’t let the stars get you down.
Don’t let the waves let you drown.”

– Mika (Billy Brown)

Lastly, I’ve got a quote from one interview Mika did. I actually wrote down three quotes and I’ve already posted two of them as quotes in the past. You can find them if you look through the quotes category. So, I’ll post the last one. I can relate to this because I’m a writer and sometimes we get stuck. This reminds me that it’s normal.

“It was like, there we go, I’m writing and I don’t know how it’s happening and that’s the secret. Because most of the time, you write when you’re trying to make something happen but when it’s really good you don’t know how the fuck it’s happening.”
– Mika
These are just some Mika quotes I can relate to. There are definitely plenty more but I just wrote those that came to my mind. I was also getting lazy halfway through. With that, I hope this post has made you a fan of Mika. If not, I’m still glad you read the post anyway. Until next time,

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