Making The Most of It


The first week of the second school year is coming to a close and I’m here to reflect on the week’s events. Trust me when I say that I’ve made the most of the week. Sure, I still did spend the weekend at home catching up on TV shows but I spent the weekdays having fun with my friends in and out of school. That should balance it out, right?


School started at 8am. Unlike most people, I was pretty excited to see my classmates and friends again. It was a journalism class and it made me feel a little stupid. I wasn’t aware of most of the world or local issues that were discussed. My excuse would be, I’m an entertainment news kinda guy. I dream of working as a news reporter or journalist for E!. Regardless, I know I need to read up. Not just for my grades but also for my own general knowledge. Now, the journalism class wasn’t the only lesson that day. We had a one hour break before the second lesson which was on ‘Research & Interview Techniques’. Since we’ll be travelling out of school for most of our lessons under this module, I think it’ll be enjoyable. The lecturer mentioned that she had worked at MTV before and that is so cool. Who wouldn’t want to interview celebrities and work around music, right?!? The day ended almost perfectly but there was a little hiccup. It’s really not worth mentioning though.


Today, we had another 8am lesson but it’s the only day we end early in the school week. I was prepared to reach home early in the afternoon and rest since I didn’t have any plans after school. But a couple of friends decided to have lunch together and I tagged along. I was on a diet but that day was the only exception! Or maybe one of two days. This day was fun because of the lunch at The Manhattan Fish Market. It was not the usual crowd and so it was nice to be in a assorted group of classmates too. We just walked around for a bit but we couldn’t find a proper place to just sit down and chill. So, some of us ended up returning to school for after-school classes while the rest, including myself, returned home. This day ended with a hiccup too and it was similar to the one of the previous day. But I got over it after a sort of therapy session with one of my closest friends from secondary school via text about something else that was bothering me. And he has no idea how much he helped by just giving me a platform to go unfiltered. So, if you’re reading this, thanks!


My class started at 1pm but the rest of the class had their lesson at 8am. So we used the time in-between to gather and play a game of FURT at the school’s main library. I believe I’ve mentioned this game before but if you have no idea what it is, then just google it. It was absolutely fun and I didn’t regret waking up earlier just to meet them. We wrapped the game up around 11.45am to get in line to buy Starbucks. Wednesdays are one-for-one at Starbucks at my school. This was the first time that we didn’t have a lesson when the promotion starts at 12pm. So yes, we or at least I made the most of it. I tried the Caramel Ribbon Crunch which was really sweet, just the way I like it. I do plan on getting Starbucks almost every Wednesday. Hopefully my classmates are up for it too! After that, we just sat around waiting for the people who start their class at 1pm to leave(a.k.a me and one other person). I should mention that the group had shrunk from when we left the library. Some people left for home and others had other things they had to do. So, when I left, the group was already really small.

The lesson was pretty interesting because I put what was being taught into a reality TV context. After the lesson though I had to attend a briefing. And after the briefing, one of my friends had to go see one of the lecturers. So, I tagged along with another friend. We spoke to not one but two lecturers and it was really cool and nice how the lecturers took the time to talk to us casually. A huge contrast from secondary school where it’s all about the lessons, homework or tests. The train ride back home with the two of them was also one of the best ones in a long time. Wednesday was a really great day. I got to spend different parts of the day with different people. #LovedIt


Yet another day where class starts in the afternoon. This time, at 2pm. I still met my classmates early at around 11.30am. This time lesser people showed up and most of them were late. But we still did have fun, once again with a game of FURT. We left to have lunch at around 12.50pm. This was another occasion where I coincidentally forgot about my diet. Later, we attend the class on psychology which I thought was interesting. So, time passed quickly and class ended. I was supposed to stay back with a friend but decided to pass. I felt really bad but I felt worse when I heard about what I missed out on by not staying back. #Sigh. Oh well, the train ride back home was still fun. Crowded but fun. 


Class started at 10 am and it was a SEVEN-HOUR class. Yup! I mean we have had a seven-hour class the previous semester but that one involved us going out of class and filming videos and then returning to edit them for about half the duration of the class. This one however involved more of in-class work because it was scriptwriting. I’m not complaining though, it’s challenging and fun at the same time. I just hate having to think on the spot and so I feel like a burden to my scriptwriting partner when I can’t come up with something creative. Oh well. After the previous day, I was determined to stay back with the friend today. My scriptwriting partner and the ‘friend’ are the same person by the way. However, I was supposed to meet some friends for a sleepover later that night. So, I once again passed, feeling even guiltier this time. She did say it was cool so I hope we’re cool!

The sleepover was an interesting and funny experience. We’ve had a sleepover before but that was different because it was filled with role-playing games. This time, we spent the night karaoke-ing on and we all took turns chatting with strangers on Omegle. The Omegle experience was HILARIOUS. I can’t even explain why. It’s one of those,”You should have been there” moments. We also played drinking games which ended pretty quickly. I’m not exactly sure if I got tipsy. However, I was described as, “A more annoying version” of myself, when I’m drunk. Oh well, we left at around 6am in the morning. I came home, took a shower and went straight to sleep. This sleepover has left me wanting to have my friends over at my place. Something that I’m not used to doing. I should look into it though!

The Weekend

Like I mentioned at the start of this post, I spent my weekend at home catching up on all my TV shows. So, that’s pretty much it for this section.

As you can tell, I’ve been trying to focus on the positives instead of the petty things lately. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any petty issues though. So, let’s just hope that I can keep my composure over the next few weeks so I can focus on the right things. Until next time,



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