“Building a friendship…

“Building a friendship, especially in a place like New York City takes work. Because it’s a place where you see a lot of people but you don’t really know them until you spend intimate times with them. And I think that’s what really happened with us.”

– Daisy Lewellyn (Blood, Sweat and Heels)

Here’s a quote to start the week. I know I haven’t been blogging much lately and it’s not cause nothing has been going on but rather too much has been going on that I don’t even have the time to write up a post. So, a quote will have to do.

I decided to post this quote because I think it’s relatable. Yes, I know we don’t all live in NYC but I’m referring to how we all see people around all the time but we don’t really know them until we actually spend time with them.

And… I’m also glad that the show I got this quote from, #BloodSweatHeels has been renewed from a second season. 


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