Not dead yet


I know it’s been forever since I last posted something. Every weekend, I think about blogging because the past couple of weeks have been pretty eventful. I don’t remember why but I’m sure if I wanted to blog about it, something must have happened right? But I ended up prioritising my TV shows and assignments which left me with little time to blog. Oh well, I’m here this week because it’s been an awfully awful week and I just want to put how I’m feeling into words. Yes, I still do have tons of TV shows to catch up on and assignments to do this weekend but I think it’s time I revived this blog and used it for what it was meant for. A platform for me to get it all out there. So, there you have it, this blog isn’t dead just yet.

You know how we have an off-day sometimes? Well, this week has been an off-week for me. It feels like every day that went by, the week just got worst and worst. I’ve cried more tears this week than I have the past couple of months. And it all boils down to stress.

We all know of the stress that comes from school assignments. But I think that this stress is more than just that? I’ve been doubting myself more than ever this past week. From my leadership skills to my capabilities in general. Add in feeling unappreciated and misunderstood and of course the cliché feeling of never being good enough and you get a total mess – me.

Even today, I felt really easily irritable. It’s like a dark cloud started following me around as soon as I step foot in school. Noticing certain things really pissed me off and so I just went straight into silent mode. I know some of my friends noticed and if they are reading this then I apologise if I dampened the mood in any way.

But I have been able to pick myself up with a couple of feel-good songs and then I motivated myself to get back to working on my assignments. I can’t really remember if I actually got to work but I definitely tried sorting things out. I also got ‘saved’ a couple of times by friends that just cheered me up without even trying or knowing that something was up. So, I guess I’m thankful for good music and good company.

I’m not depressed or anything. Just pretty much stressed out with everything that’s going on and I’m not complaining either. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do.” – Gregory Peck

I’ll just have to keep that in mind and move on. New day, same fight, different round.


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