And The Holiday Adventures Come To An End…

Since my last post about what I have been up to during the holidays, I have spent more time hanging out with friends and family over the past two weeks. So, here I am now once again to write and reflect on the past two weeks which have helped me wrap up my holidays just perfectly. I had a short dilemma on whether to continue the numbering from the previous post but I decided to just keep things simple. 

Only cause I don't have any other picture.

Only cause I don’t have any other picture.

1. Dracula Untold with Huszainy. These impromptu plans emerged when he wanted to pass time and was willing to come all the way to Yishun. The movie choices were either Annabelle or Dracula Untold. I wanted to watch Annabelle because I had watched The Conjuring but I also wanted to watch Dracula Untold because it was new and seemed like a hit. So, it came down to convenience. I wasn’t too sure if I could make it on time for Dracula Untold because I was watching the Dance Moms season finale but I managed to and so we went with that. The movie was alright… I was a little confused. The ending interested me more than anything else and for that reason, I wouldn’t mind if they had a sequel. Anyway, after the movie, we walked around hunting for earpieces since we both needed new ones. It didn’t take him long to find one while I on the other hand was very indecisive. I came to the conclusion that I would just steal another one of my brother’s unused earpieces and so we ended our day there. The next day, my brother walked into my room and put a new set of earpiece on my table. I was like, “What’s this?” And he told me that I had asked him to order it for me when he showed me his. I didn’t even remember that conversation and I still don’t. But I’m glad it happened because the earpiece he got me looks classy and stylish and it’s good too. I still had to pay for it… But at least I didn’t have to choose! That’s the hard part, right?

So here's the baking team because there's always time for a selfie.

So here’s the baking team because there’s always time for a selfie.

2. Baking brownies & Over-eating. So, these were plans that were technically made during the chalet since we all got the invitation from An then. We had some trouble finding a day that all of us were free and so we ended up just making do with whoever was able to make it. That meant, Shafna, Chelsea, me and obviously An since we were baking at his house. We had no idea what we were baking until the day came. We decided on baking brownies. I love baking. (Or at least watching people bake since I haven’t exactly baked by myself before. I usually try to help my Mum but she always ends up doing all the work. I try not to get too involved because I often mess up. I once cracked an egg into the sink.)

Chelsea Ramsey(Or RUM-SAY as she would say it) hard at work.

Chelsea Ramsey(Or RUM-SAY as she would say it) hard at work.

The baking part of our meet-up was pretty fast. Then we just sat around talking and eating. I suggested we play badminton to pass time and the others didn’t mind too. So we did. After that we came back and ate the brownies we baked topped with ice cream. I loved the crispy on the outside but sorta gooey on the inside texture of the brownie. Especially together with the ice cream. So I had more… and more… and more until I felt so bloated and couldn’t stop complaining about it. The others thought I was complaining about feeling fat but no. I felt sick because I was bloated. That’s a feeling I’ve been getting a lot lately. I should do something about it. Oh well, we then went to Causeway Point because An wanted to pass something to one of his friends working at the Starbucks there and I wanted to get some sushi.

A picture of the sushi I ended up getting. Looks good, right?

A picture of the sushi I ended up getting. Looks good, right?

Yes, yes. I was bloated but I could still think about food, okay! Although the original plan had been to walk around Causeway Point, we all ended up lazing at the Starbucks because we found a good spot. But soon An left. And then Shaf. And then I got my sushi and Chels got her Burger King and we went home too.


Minyi left before we remembered to take a selfie. Awww…

3. A Fishy Brunch followed by a Three-Hour Karaoke Session  These were plans that started developing as time passed. Originally it had just been me wanting to try The Manhattan Fish Market’s ‘Hungry Fisherman Challenge’. The challenge was to complete three portions of Fish and Chips in under 10 minutes. If you do, you get the meal for free. If you don’t then you have to pay $29.95 for the meal. Chelsea was the one that had recommended that I try it. I was skeptical at first but then I thought, “Why not?” So, I got Shafna and Minyi on board in addition to Chelsea to join me. Then Vera decided to join us too. The plan was to karaoke in the morning and then have lunch. But since the karaoke lounge wasn’t opening until 2pm and some of us were feeling hungry, we decided to have brunch first. Whether or not I managed to complete the challenge, I shall not reveal just yet. Because the whole thing was recorded and I guess you’ll find out when the video gets uploaded.


I was anxiously waiting, thinking when I should start digging in. I only had 10 minutes!

Anyway, karaoke-ing was lots of fun. I have only ever been to a karaoke lounge twice. I prefer to karaoke in the comfort of my room when I know no one is at home. So I guess, me being fine with singing terribly in front of those people meant that I had a certain level of comfort around them and that should account for something about our level of friendship, right? Some of the best moments was singing ‘Popular Song’ with Chelsea, ‘Oath’ with Shafna and ‘YMCA’ with all four of them. I’m sure there were some more but I just can’t seem to remember them right now. After the three hours ended, we all went our own separate ways.


Her phone camera has a way of making us both look flawless and don’t you dare tell me otherwise.

4. Catch-Up Session with Gina I’ve been meaning to catch up with her forever. We had planned to meet on Friday but since my Thursday plans got moved to Friday, I attempted to move my plans with her forward to Thursday, on the day itself. And surprisingly she was totally fine with it. She ended up 20 minutes late. Which helped start us start off on the right foot since our meet-ups are filled with a lot of sassing and insulting each other. We walked over to Bakerzin. I swear, the desserts on display always taunt me whenever I walk past. So, when I found out about a tea time promotion that entitles you to a dessert and beverage for about $11, I knew I should give it a try.


I had a slice of the Adagio cake for my dessert and Gina had a slice of the Sweet Pleasure cake. The one closer to the camera is obviously mine.

We spent time talking about life, the holidays, secondary school and Top Model. After that, we walked around North Point. I was hoping to find myself some new tees. But nothing appealed to me. The original plan with Gina had been to head to somewhere like town so that I could get my tees and then head back to North Point for Bakerzin. But I was totally fine with going with the flow. We also then started hunting for some makeup Gina wanted. We went store to store but she ended up not getting anything. HAHA. It was quite an adventure though. I also took some selfies with her and there are a couple that I am obsessed with because we both look flawless.  Eventually, we decided to head home.

We're so 'evil'.

We’re so ‘evil’. Just another one of our pretty selfies.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to catch up with her again sometime soon after the new semester of school begins. It would be rewarding to catch up and have another delicious slice of cake and some beverage that helps me de-stress a little.

5. Badminton with the Cousins After playing badminton the other day, I felt like I wanted more. Yes, contrary to popular belief, I don’t mind certain sports… Like bowling, badminton and shopping. And since I am no longer in contact with the friends I used to play badminton with and the friends that wouldn’t mind playing badminton are busy, I decided to ask my cousins. So, plans were made and I was pretty excited. On the day, I could tell it was going to rain. I kept saying, “Please don’t rain, please don’t rain” to myself, hoping that it would somehow affect whether it rained or not.

I really wanted to play badminton for two reasons: 1) I needed to exercise and 2) I wanted to spend time with my cousins away from our laptops and handphones. In the end, although it was extremely windy, we managed to play for about an hour and a half and then it started raining heavily so we headed back. We wanted to go get Slurpees but we couldn’t because of the rain. So, we passed time at our Aunt’s house playing ‘Heads Up!’, chilling and listening to music. I kept looking out the window because I really wanted the rain to stop so that I could go get myself a Slurpee. It stopped… Like two hours later and we headed out. Just as we walked into 7-11, we all realised that the Slurpee machine was conveniently out of order. Just our luck right? We ended up getting bubble teas instead. After that, it was dinner at my Aunt’s and then home for me.

Looks like it’s a wrap on my holidays. It’s been fun and a lot more active than I expected and wanted it to be. Oh well… I’m not going to complain that the six weeks passed by very quickly or that I didn’t get enough of a break. I mean sure, I wouldn’t mind but it’s been a good break, not it’s time to get back to work. I’ll admit that last night, I was kinda nervous about the new semester of school but as of right now, I’m mentally ready. I’ve come up with sort of a strategy which I might write about upon testing it out the first week or two. Until then…


P.S: Just watched the A Long Way Down movie and it was great for a condensed and slightly different version of the book. Loved it and will probably look into buying the blu-ray somehow or someway.


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