Let’s Be Cops Movie Review


This was the last movie I was going to be watching with Azfar and Rosydi for a while as Azfar has his A’ Levels coming up and so that means lesser time to spend hanging out with us. So, obviously we tried to make the most of the day. The dudes came over to my place in the evening because I had invited them over for a Deepavali dinner. Although we had planned to play Monopoly, we decided that we rather just talk as the time we had before we had to leave for the movie we wanted to watch was not enough for a game of Monopoly. And I’ve got no regrets at all as

The Story: Two best friends, Ryan (Jake Johnson) and Justin (Damon Wayans, Jr.)  dress up as cops to a costume party. They realise that their gimmick is realistic when everyone believes that they are cops and treats them differently. For example, women look at them flirtatiously and civilians listen to them when they are ordered around pointlessly on the street. These fake cops then get into real trouble when they become a hinderance in our villain, Mossi Kasic’s (James D’Arcy) secretive ‘underground’ plans. This is also where Justin’s love interest, Josie (Nina Dobrev) comes in as her family restaurant is involved in Mossi’s plans. Along the way, things get rough for our heroes as they have to deal with their real jobs, real life while at the same time maneuvering their way through the dangerous situations they get into.

The Cast: Although I’ve been walking past the movie poster every time I walked to the MRT station, I never realised who the two leads actually were. I loved that they were both from New Girl. Jake Johnson is my favourite New Girl cast member. And I strongly believe that Damon Wayans, Jr. rejoining the New Girl cast last season definitely helped the show and kept it fresh. These two clearly had chemistry and even movie critics agree with that. However, I didn’t really think Nina Dobrev added anything much other than being a pretty face and I guess increasing the number of familiar faces in the cast. For the serious villain they wanted, they definitely casted well. James D’Arcy looked really intimidating in the movie. It could be because of that scar the makeup team drew on his face but the way he talked and walked definitely suited the character.

The Characters: I loved the characters! Ryan and Justin were a great duo and I honestly hope there is a sequel so that we can follow them on another adventure. If there is a sequel though, I think that someone should be added to their team. Maybe a sassy or incompetent sidekick. Anyway, one thing I didn’t like when it comes to the characters was the main villain. His scenes were always very serious and although some might say it balanced out the comedy and action ratio, I still think that it was way too serious. I do feel conflicted though… Because the serious-ness also does show that what our two heroes are doing is no joke and that the consequences could be deadly.

The Ending: It was nicely wrapped up. There was a quote that I wish I took down but I wasn’t fast or desperate enough to do so. A part of it was relatable because of what I’m told as a aspiring writer in school.

My Rating: 8/10

I would definitely watch this movie again. And although I’m writing this review a week after I watched it, I still think it was a good movie. I really hope there is a sequel because Jake Johson and


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