In My Head

852110236_13448670704630895532.jpgThe past three months have gone by pretty quickly and I love how it is already April. I did spend quite a lot of the time being in my head trying to figure things out. As much as I try to keep my sensitive and insecure moments to a minimum, sometimes I just cannot help myself.

But before I get to writing about those deeper moments – which are mostly in camp – I will start with the highlights from the weekends – when I am out of camp.

In February, I attended Jamie’s play, An Absolute Turkey and in March, Shaf’s play, The Illusionist. Now, I have told the both of them this – if our lives were a reality show, the ‘competition’ between the both of them over whose play is better would have been a driving force for drama the entire season. HAHA.


Post-Show Happiness Pt. 1


Post-Show Happiness Pt. 2


Post-Show Happiness Pt. 3

But no, in all seriousness, it was fun supporting the both of them. I feel like they both stepped out of their comfort zones – in different ways – and it made me proud, sitting there in the audience, watching them and being there with a flower or candy bouquet after the show. I hope to see them in action again soon.

The All In! Young Writers’ Festival was held in March too. I only attended one screening of a few short films including, I Love You More, a short film that I was involved in producing as part of a group project for a filmmaking module over a year ago.


Forgot to mention that they were both late.


But it’s okay, I forgive ya’ll.

It was nice that this project brought me, Dalene and Minyi back together a year later. (The other group members, Rachel, Sherlyn and Chels couldn’t make it.) I held off from re-watching the short film leading up to the screening because I thought that seeing it again after a long time during the screening would make it more ‘special.’ After the screening, we had lunch where we gave each other life updates and rehashed certain things that happened back during our three years in Poly. We also did some window shopping so it was some simple fun.

Later in March, I also attended a secondary school reunion with Azfar, Rosydi and Gina. It was hosted at one of our schoolmate’s house. Although I really appreciated the invite, I was hesitant and reluctant to attend from the get go. Secondary school just does not bring back the best of memories for me – I did not really fit in and back then it was quite a struggle. So it was a last minute decision to attend.


I think it has been close to two years since the four of us were last together?


I hope not another two years go by before we’re together again. *Glares at Gina*

Rosydi and Azfar could totally see how nervous I was on the bus to the reunion. And honestly, I would not have attended the reunion if they were not attending with me. I think it was just the uncertainty as to who was going to be there and how they were going to act that made me nervous. I knew Gina would be there too and since she has not been the easiest person to meet up with, seeing her there – though she showed up two hours late – was an added bonus.

The three of them were able to interact with these people that we had not seen in forever pretty easily but for me, it was awkward. Of course there was the typical army talk with the guys but none of the girls I used to be close to were there. (I believe that the invitations did not reach everyone… Oops.)

I also feel like I have evolved from who I used to be back in secondary school and so these people who did not really know me on a deeper level back then – to begin with – did not have much to say to me and likewise I did not have much to say to most of them either. After all, I was quite the wallflower for a bulk of those four years.


At least I won’t have to worry about FOMO now.

I cannot really say that I regret attending but at the same time, I cannot say I am glad I attended either.

And last night, I attended Fifth Harmony’s 7/27 Tour concert after buying the tickets way back in January. I was lucky that Khairul – a friend that I made during the two month Signals course after BMT – was willing to go with me.


Gotta thank the concert buddy for groovin’ along.


April may have only just started but this concert is most definitely a highlight. I found myself letting loose as I sang and danced my heart out. It was totally worth the wait and money and the girls were gorgeous! I felt really happy when Normani noticed and reciprocated my wave. If life was a reality show, attending this concert would have made for a perfect season finale.

In between all these key events, I think I have been doing an okay job at balancing my weekends with meet-ups and ‘me’ time. I think there was only one weekend where I contemplated between going out and staying home but I decided to go out anyway.

Life in camp has been generally alright. I tend to forget how lucky I am to have ended up in this camp and unit, in terms of workload and location. But finding my place and people, is still an issue.

A new batch of about 20 Signallers came in a month ago – a larger amount than expected. I took a genuine interest in getting to know most of them because we would have to decide who to keep with us after a two week ‘orientation’ programme – the rest would be posted out to different ‘departments’ within our unit. And since I would be working with whoever stays until next May when I leave, it was an important decision too.

We kept about a third of them. It was exciting having new people around. They were people who were easy to talk to and did work. But when you look at the big picture, the newbies did not exactly shake up the office dynamics like I had hoped.

For a start, I still feel like I lack a true confidante and ally in camp. You know, that one person that I can complain and vent to without worrying about what I said being repeated. And also the kind of person that I can make eye contact with and smile when something happens in the office because we both know that we are thinking the same thing.

I miss having that kind of connection with someone.

So I end up bottling things up in camp. Occasionally, I do let things slip because I can only hold so much in. But then I question if I should have said anything at all because I get asked if I have ‘anger issues’ or am told that I am ‘oversensitive.’

Do not get me wrong. I am still able to be myself in camp. I disturb and annoy almost everyone around me. And this is an indication that I have reached a certain level of comfort around these people. But there are different layers to every relationship and with these people, it is most definitely on the surface.

It doesn’t help that they do not really get me. I am a lot of things but these people know me best to be ‘annoying.’ I can own that but it does get exhausting when that seems to be the only word people associate you with – even if lightheartedly.

For now, there are only about two to three individuals in camp who I ‘trust.’ It being really easy to rub me the wrong way could be one reason for this low number. But I guess, there just is not that much in common to forge strong bonds over. And with everyone on their phones most of the time, there is barely any attempt at conversation to find common topics either.

Sure, they bond over playing the same mobile games. And so it would be a lot easier if I just downloaded this game and played along. But I told myself back in secondary school that I was not going to change just to fit in and I still want to keep that promise to myself. Call me stubborn or difficult but I am not going to do something that I would not normally do just to get by.

There are also other things that have happened or been said that got the wheels in my head turning. But at the end of the day, I know I can’t let what people think, say or do affect my spirit. It is just hard to remember at times especially when there is no one in your environment to remind you of that.

So I am going to try to care less and not add up the nothings into something. I know it is not going to be easy and I will probably be in my head again by the end of the week – after all, it does keep me occupied. But I will be working on it. Whatever happens, happens.

Fifth Harmony sang in their song, ‘Brave Honest Beautiful’:

“Don’t go and waste your precious time with all that nonsense on your mind.”

And this reminder is why I feel like the Fifth Harmony concert is a perfect finale.

Until next time,



We’ll see…


The first week of the third year of school has started. And I do have quite a bit to write about. But before I can get to that, I need to recap the last three weeks of the school holidays. It just feels better to go in chronological order. However, I might have forgotten certain mention-worthy bits because it has been a while. So, what you read might just be a condensed recap.

Most of the fourth week was burnt at the CASS Freshmen Orientation Camp. I was involved in the camp as part of the Day Programmes team. I was not really looking forward to it because I’m not a fan of camps in general. However, that is also the reason why I feel a sense of accomplishment whenever I go through these camps. It’s a step towards ‘going out of my comfort zone’.

The camp was fun and it turned out better than expected. It was nice meeting the freshmen and getting to know my schoolmates better too. Of course, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It was tiring and some things didn’t work out like we had all hoped it would. For instance, my team had to improvise all our games because it rained on all three days. There were other interesting things that happened too. (Things that I rather not mention here but would love to share with you in person.) But I guess what is important is that, by the end of the camp, there was a strong and special bond that was formed amongst the members of the organising committee. And that’s just nice.

The rest of the week, I didn’t do much. I needed to catch up on my sleep and TV shows.

Here's my Day Progs team!  (From left to right: Q, Joel, Me, Jasmin & Elisa)

Here’s my Day Progs team! We all contributed something different to the team. Wouldn’t have had it any other way.

A selfie with our night walk makeup on.

A selfie with our night walk scarers makeup on.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 9.56.45 pm

Part of the Organising Committee.

The highlights of the fifth week have to be going to Universal Studios Singapore with Rosydi & Azfar and cafe-hopping with Chelsea, Jamie & Shafna. Let me tell you about USS first.

A month or two ago, Azfar told Rosydi and I that if he does really well for his A’Level exams, he would treat us to something. Back then, we had quite a number of ideas but the idea that we all agreed on was USS. My point is that, Azfar scored well and kept his word and I got to go to USS for free!

Although it was my second time there, I was even more anxious than the first time. I have got a fear of heights and almost every single ride had some sort up and (out-of-nowhere) down motion. After the The Mummy ride, I thought I was done for the day. But we took a break and I am proud to say that I did not back out of any ride. Of course it was just perfect, that riding the Battlestar Galactica roller coasters were not an option because it was out of order. So, I didn’t have to worry about that.

A summary of our time at USS would be us trying out the many rides and walking around taking pictures. Later that day, we also watched Fast & Furious 7. The ending scene was still very emotional despite the spoilers on social media. I feel sad whenever I listen to ‘See You Again’ but it’s catchy and addictive.

It's Vin Diesel. When we took this picture, we had no intentions of watching #Fast7.

It’s Vin Diesel! When we took this picture, we had no intentions of watching #Fast7.

Similar to the caption above. Funny how we ended up watching it for real later that day.

Similar to the caption above. Funny how we ended up watching it for real later that day.

How can you not love this picture?

How can you not love this picture? 

Thanks Azfar for the treat and thanks guys for the fun time!

Thanks Azfar for the treat and thanks guys for the fun time!

Next, cafe-hopping! We planned this just the week before when we were cooking at Jamie’s. We visited just three cafes – ChoupinetteWheeler’s Yard and FATCAT Ice Cream Bar. I’m not going to do a food review because I only have three levels when it comes to judging food – Okay, Good and Great. Most things fall in the ‘Good’ category and I’m happy with that!

We also took many pictures of ourselves and the food we ate. To summarise, it was good food and great company.

The Waffles at FATCAT were great.

The Waffles at FATCAT were great.

FATCAT's Original Waffle topped with a scoop of Cookies & Cream Ice Cream.

FATCAT’s Original Waffle topped with a scoop of Cookies & Cream Ice Cream.

This Chocolate Fudge cake from Wheeler's Yard was okay.

This Chocolate Fudge cake from Wheeler’s Yard was okay.

Brunch at Choupinette was great.

Brunch at Choupinette was great.

I really love this picture. #Perfection.

I really love this picture. #Perfection.

Moving on to week six, it was the Freshmen Orientation Programme also known as the last event the current CASS Club was involved in for now. Unlike the Orientation Camp, the Orientation Programme was compulsory. The CASS Club didn’t have that much to do. We were only involved in the first two days.

I couldn’t make it on the first day because I had to attend a compulsory ‘Grooming and Dining Etiquette Workshop’ in school. It was one of the workshops from week one that got pushed back due to lack of sign ups. The workshop was okay. I did learn something but I don’t know if I will remember everything when it matters the most. On the bright side, me completing this workshop means that all the compulsory workshops are out of the way!

On the second day of the orientation, we helped out with the campus tour. I was stationed at the writers’ room. However, the seniors were using it to rehearse for an important pitch. So, I tried to keep the freshmen outside after the first few rounds. After the campus tour, the CASS Club Main Committee took a couple of pictures together and that was that.

We had a checkered/flannel dress code.

We had a checkered/flannel dress code.

Thanks for the fun and not-so-fun times! I would do it all over again.

Thanks for the fun and not-so-fun times guys! I would do it all over again.

I was hoping to spend the rest of the week at home but on Wednesday and Friday, I went to school for Rojakrew meetings. The Rojakrew comprises of a few seniors, Chelsea, Jamie & Shafna. We have been working on a documentary the entire holiday and we officially released (or uploaded it on Facebook) on that Friday. In between the Rojakrew meetings, on Thursday, I spent the day in JB with Rosydi & Azfar. It was nice being away from social media.

After we uploaded the video, we just hung out at Hilltop Haven.

After we uploaded the video, we just hung out at Hilltop Haven. Here is half of Rojakrew! 

We played Monopoly Deal ( which has got to be one of my favourite card games ever!). I won just once.

We played Monopoly Deal ( which has got to be one of my favourite card games ever!). I won just once.

Later, we met Kirt for Dinner.

Later, we met Kirt for Dinner. She is now one of us!

I must say, it was a pretty nice way to end the holidays.

Now, four days of school have passed and I do have a couple of things on my mind. A couple of things I wish I could get off my chest. Things I have blogged about before. Things I have confronted before. It honestly doesn’t have to be this way, but I guess I have a habit of chasing after people who find it easy to forget me. And in the end, I’m on the losing end. I’m trying my best not to think about it though. So, we’ll see…

Until next time,


P.S: Here’s the documentary that Rojakrew worked on, if you are interested!

Bringing the Zen


It feels like it’s been an extremely long time since I last wrote a blog post. (My last post was actually only about a month ago.) It only seems right for me to post something while I can instead of procrastinating so where do I begin?

I know that the week that we returned to a new school term was pretty eventful. Firstly, my classmates and I exchanged Secret Santa gifts. I was pretty pleased with what I got for Vera – a plant. Well it wasn’t a plant yet but it was a pot with the seeds that required watering. You know, one of those DIY-ish things. I wonder what the plant looks like now, almost a month later. Anyway, I didn’t attempt to figure out who my Secret Santa was although I knew who 4-5 other people were buying gifts for. I really didn’t want to ruin the surprise for myself though. And trust me, when I opened my gift, I was pleasantly surprised. It was a Hulk Hogan Pop! Vinyl figure! (For those who may not know who Hulk Hogan is, he is a WWE Legend. And a Pop! Vinyl figure is basically a cute version of a WWE action figure.) In addition to the figure, I also got a couple of superhero badges.

WWE Hulk Hogan Pop! Vinyl Figure

WWE Hulk Hogan Pop! Vinyl Figure

Love these badges. I promise to use them as soon as I get a new bag.

Love these badges. I promise to use them as soon as I get a new bag.

I really was not expecting anything WWE related and so it took me a while to figure out who my Secret Santa was. In fact, I actually couldn’t figure it out. So, I decided to just see Vera’s reaction to what I got her and I heard her saying something along the lines of, “I want to know who got me my gift so that I can show them what it looks like after it grows!” So, that was when I revealed that it was me who got her the plant and Vera in turn revealed that she got me my gift. #MysterySolved. It was a fun experience and it was nice to carry the Christmas spirit into our classroom even after Christmas was over. Thanks a lot Vera for the awesome gifts!

That same day was also when I had to help out at the SP Open House with course counselling. I was nervous at first but I got used to it. I got to share my experiences and meet some seniors. By the end of my session, I also returned home with two polaroids (courtesy of Bernice) that I added to my vision board. But I didn’t return home straightaway. Chels and I got Starbucks on the way back and I also collected my replacement Pebble watch from the post office. My Pebble’s screen had died about a couple of months ago and I just decided to email Pebble support to see if I can get it replaced and they sent me a replacement. Honestly, that day made me feel so appreciative for everything I had. I was just really happy and thankful. It was just a really memorable day.

However, as well all know if you have the ups, you must have the downs as well. And the new term meant the beginning of two big downs. Both of which were brought up in the first week.

Firstly, the documentary assignment which has been taking a toll on everyone. Having to find a profile who is interesting and willing to be filmed is one thing. Thinking of what sequences to film and the theme of the documentary is another. And having to actually film it is a whole other thing. I’m just trying to not go crazy and trying to bring the zen instead. I have faith in my team and I like the direction we are going in so far. Not everything has gone as planned and not everything has been going smoothly but that doesn’t mean that it all won’t work out in the end, right? (I just realised that I don’t have a picture with my team yet)

Secondly, the preparation for the Freshmen Orientation Camp. I’m just not a huge fan of camps in general and so I have anxiety just thinking about attending it. Plus, all the preparation just adds a certain amount of stress on top of all the assignments that we already have to work on. I also wonder if the camp is going to burn a valuable week of my holidays. I guess all I can do is just hope that I don’t regret my choice of signing up for it once the camp is over. I really don’t want to give up and pull out now.

There was another big down the second week back at school. I fell sick on a Wednesday and I felt terrible on Thursday and on Friday, I didn’t go to school. I didn’t want to get out of bed and I needed a day-off too. But the deadline for a photojournalism assignment was coming right up and I still had no pictures yet. I know it’s my fault for not starting earlier, so I decided to go all out on Saturday while still feeling sick. I got everything I needed though so I was able to put everything together in time. I just want to say thanks to the friends that checked in on me over those few days and were able to help me in one way or another. I am really thankful for you guys.

I’ve been trying hard to remind myself and everyone around me that it’s JUST another eight more assignments we have to complete. We’ve already completed 12 this semester so what’s another eight?

I’ll admit that I have been finding myself in these extremely stressful and frustrating situations. I would love to throw some shade right here but it’s just not the right time. I am pretty proud of myself for keeping cool and calm. But don’t get me wrong, I could potentially explode at any time. But this post and title is in reference to my current state of mind which I hope lasts for a long time.

So until next time,



Good Food, Greater Company

The last week of the holidays has been pretty eventful.

On Monday and Tuesday, there was this magazine revamp thing in school. There were a total of 19 of us who signed up. We were split into three teams. On my team, I had KX, Nica, Nadhirah, Hasinah and Rachel. The first day, we basically came up with ideas as to what we wanted our magazine to be and how to improve it. There was this whole design thinking process where we used our research too. Anyway, by the end of the day, I really liked what my team came up with but the other teams had pretty interesting ideas too. We also had a rehearsal for our presentation the next day before going home.

The A-Team (without Hasinah)

The A-Team (without Hasinah because she didn’t want to be in the photo)

The second day, my team met earlier to rehearse our presentation. We rehearsed it like twice and then we rushed to SPH. I swear the train moves a lot slower when you are running late. But we made it on time. So, the original creator of the magazine gave us all a briefing on what the magazine was all about and other things that we should know. He told us that the magazine should be primarily local content and that’s when Nica looked at me and I realised that our chances of winning just dropped drastically. Our whole theme for the mock-up was ‘Heroes’ based off how Big Hero 6 is popular amongst kids this month. Oh well…

Anyway fast forward three presentations and intense Q&A segments which poked holes in all three of our ideas, the original creator decided on a winning team which was not my team. Honestly, I was happy for the winners. Their pictures were going to be on Berita Harian and they received $60 Popular vouchers. I compared it to a Top Model challenge where the winners get a reward. But in this case, the rest of us got a reward too – a goodie bag and $20 Popular vouchers(which I have yet to spend). It was fun and I had no regrets!

Then came Wednesday and Thursday which were my day-offs. Well, actually I did do some work but other than that, I just caught up on my TV shows. I realised that it’s extremely hard for me to have a day-off without worrying about the assignments and long list of things to do. And on top of that, since we have our phones with us all the time these days, there is the possibility of something coming up which could ruin the day-off. Anyway, I watched the season finale of The Comeback on Wednesday and it blew my mind. I am going to write a post on why you should watch it sometime next week. I already have a couple of reasons on my mind.

Then came Friday which was closer to a day-off as compared to the previous two days. It would have been a perfect day had I not read the email in the morning about our potential documentary profiles for an assignment. However, Friday has three day’s worth of activities squeezed into one.

Anyway, today was the day that Chelsea, Jamie, Shaf and I were supposed to attempt cooking and also make our vision boards. We had been looking up recipes and decided on cheese tortellini and Cali chicken. Shaf was supposed to buy the vision boards and meet us once the rest of the three of us were done shopping for the ingredients. But I woke up late and so although I felt bad, this allowed all four of us to do the shopping together and I think that started us off on the right foot.

The shopping was fun as we searched for required ingredients while at the same time wondering if it was worth following the recipe entirely or making our own edits. And then we also spent some time searching for mascarpone cheese which was not available. So we substituted it with something else that I can’t exactly remember right now.  Once we got all our ingredients we made our way to Chelsea’s place.

I honestly thought that I would be of no help in the kitchen. After all too many cooks spoil the broth, right? But what we had was just the right amount of people since we were cooking two dishes. We split up into pairs and I actually helped. This gave me more satisfaction when we were eating lunch later since I had a part in it. YAY. We spent about two to three hours cooking our two dishes. The first hour was spent brining the chicken and boiling the tortellini and the last 30-60 minutes was spent cooking the dishes in the oven. So, I guess we didn’t take that long after all.

Anyway in-between all of this, Shaf got to meet Rainee and Eden for the first time. Jamie avoided Rainee and rolled her eyes almost every time Rainee barked. While I attempted petting Rainee (when Chelsea challenged me to) but Rainee kept putting her face in my hand. So, I gave up in the fear that she would bite me and petted Eden instead. But then later, I told Chels that I wanted to try with Rainee again. And this time, it was a SUCCESS. This was one of the little things that made my day.

"Okay, you can have one picture."

Eden: “Okay, you can have ONE picture.”

"What are you STILL doing here?"

Eden: “What are you STILL doing here?”

"What is this thing that you are pointing at me?"

Rainee: “What is this thing that you are pointing at me?”

"You smell better than Chelsea."

Rainee:”You smell better than Chelsea.”

Once the food was ready at about 3pm, we all dug in (after taking photos) and I was really proud of all of us. The food tasted really good. I definitely want to try cooking again. Perhaps, we could try something else next time?

Extremely proud of myself for taking this picture.

Extremely proud of myself for taking this picture.

A selfie with our hard work a.k.a our lunch.

A selfie with our hard work a.k.a our lunch.

After lunch, we all regrouped in Chelsea’s room to make our vision boards. I know I was the one that suggested us doing this but I’m not quite sure what inspired me to do so. I have been looking forward to making this board forever though so I’m glad it was finally happening. We all brought some magazines to look through and cut out the stuff that we like and want. My approach was cutting out motivational messages and pictures of celebrities that I like. And I also put a couple of polaroids with friends on the board too since they are important to me. We spent about two hours on our boards before leaving at around 6.30pm. As of right now, my board isn’t ready yet. I still have a couple of gaps to fill up.

I know it seems like that is enough fun for a day but my day was far from over. I met the dudes (Azfar and Rosydi) at Northpoint for dinner too! The plan was to try BurgerUp, this new fast food restaurant and also watch Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb. BurgerUp was alright. The fries were a little too salty but the fish burger was really good. We did have to wait quite some time but I didn’t really have any problem with that since I had people to talk to and I wasn’t starving hungry after that lunch. We filled each other in on the latest happenings in our lives which wasn’t exactly that much but for some reason, we never run out of things to talk about every time we meet.

BurgerUP allows you to DIY your burger.

BurgerUP allows you to DIY your burger.

Much love for these two amigos.

Much love for these two amigos.

The movie was good. I’m glad I re-watched the previous two movies last week so I was prepared. Something I thought was interesting is how they sort of implied that a character was gay. On the other hand, I think that they wrapped up the series really well. It felt as though they had everything planned out before they started on the first movie which goes to show how they had a perfect ending instead of a convenient one. I’m going to miss the series and the loveable characters, that’s for sure.

After the movie, we sat at McDonald’s talking again. We sort of already have ‘plans’ for the next long holiday. So, I am pretty excited about that.

A new school term is about to start and I guess I’m pretty prepared. Stay tuned!


Week One (And the prequel)


The three week school break started a week ago. So, that means I am left with two weeks. I really appreciate the break. I do. I really do. But long gone are the times when a school break actually meant taking a break from all the school work and being able to marathon any TV show or a bunch of movies without a care in the world. (Well actually, I don’t know if there ever was a time where that was the case.)

Anyway, I would complain about all the assignments we have to get started on over the holidays but the truth is, I rather work on these assignments now, during the holidays, at my own pace than when school is on-going and the stress is at a all-time high.

So, me complaining about school work is not the focus of this post. As the title suggests this post is about the first week of the holidays and some memorable events leading up to it such as me attending the Verve Arts Festival and the Asia TV Forum.

Let me start with Verve. It was simply an interesting experience. I’ve always wanted to attend these artsy events because I believe that there is an artsy side to me. But I never knew when these events were going on nor did I have anyone to attend with. This time around however I tagged along with Shaf and Chels. Jamie and Colin joined us later but they did their own thing with Jamie’s other friends.

Thanks for spending the day with me guys

We started with three…

And then we became five.

…And then we became five. Wasn’t that such an inspiring story? ‘From 3 to 5’ coming soon to a theatre near you.

I got to discover new local artists such as Pixel Apartment and Lost Weekend while also being able to watch the play that Bound Theatre put up titled, ‘+65. Lost Weekend was closer to my taste as compared to Pixel Apartment. I still remember the title of one of their songs, ‘Red is the Colour’ but not the tune.

Here are 'Lost Weekend'.

So, this is ‘Lost Weekend’.

Their response to us wanting to take a picture with them was, "This is new to us." Awww...

Their response to us wanting to take a picture with them was, “This is new to us.” Awww…

The play on the other hand was about growing up in Singapore and how sometimes we just don’t know what to do next in life. At least that’s what I got from it. It was thought-provoking and some parts did make me want to cry, so I guess the actors were really good and talented. I also had Shaf’s camera for the day and I took plenty of pictures, annoying Chels in the process (which was also part of the fun).

There were also tons of booth selling artsy stuff.

There were also tons of booth selling artsy stuff.

These stickers looked so good and cute. If I had watched the whole movie, I would have bought them!

These stickers looked so good and cute. If I had watched the whole movie, I would have bought them in an instant.

Next, the Asia TV Forum. Apart from being able to take down learning points and notes from what the industry professionals said during conferences and panels, it was during the forum that one of my childhood dreams came true.  I got to meet and take a picture with Jason Chan, the Green Samurai Ranger from Power Rangers Ninja Storm!

This picture made my day, what more can I say?

Let me explain. Growing up, I watched the Power Rangers season after season. I had the action figures. I had the CDs. I had a couple of video games too. Heck, I even had a cheap version of the costume. But one thing that I wanted but knew I would never get was to meet them and take a picture with them. Any ranger from any season because I’ve watched almost all of them at different points of my childhood. Even now, I check in on the show and cast, time to time. However, I knew I wouldn’t get the chance… Simply because they would never have a reason to come all the way here, to Singapore. So yeah, when I did get a picture with a ranger it felt surreal. It’s a bonus that Jason was really nice and down to earth as well. Saying it made my day is an understatement.The realisation that I have a picture with someone I used to watch on TV years ago is just pretty damn amazing. I’m not sure if you will understand how I feel even after this whole paragraph but I thought it was worth a mention. And maybe one day, I might be able to take a picture with a WWE Superstar or Diva because that’s another childhood dream. We’ll have to wait and see, won’t we?

I met up with the Dudes (Rosydi & Azfar) because we all had something to celebrate. Azfar celebrated the end of his A’ Levels. Rosydi celebrated his 18th birthday. And I had to find something to celebrate. So, I decided to celebrate the end of (almost) all CA1 assignments. We finally tried an escape room game. We failed but I still had fun.

Sydi looks pissed because he predicted my selfie camera screwing up and… It did.

Sydi looks pissed because he predicted my selfie camera screwing up and… It did.

And two weeks later which is just last week, we met up again to watch Horrible Bosses 2. It was a great movie and I enjoyed it more because I saw the three of us as the protagonists. Like literally, each one of us fit a particular character in some way. Or at least, the two of them did. I was more of a hybrid. But they weren’t convinced so we all just agreed that the three characters were “stupid versions of ourselves”.

From our second meet-up. I love it when everyone in a selfie is equal-sized as opposed to the selfie taker being the main focus... Unless it's intentional of course.

From our second meet-up. I love it when everyone in a selfie is equal-sized as opposed to the selfie taker being the main focus… Unless it’s intentional of course.

There hasn’t been much going on around me this week. Well, Chelsea, Jamie and I finally carried out our plans from the start of the year to go to a bar together. It was a little different from what we had planned but it was fun nonetheless.

Trying to make the pixelated effect a thing. Instagram will probably add a ‘Pixel’ filter after they see this.

Trying to make the pixelated effect a thing. Instagram will probably add a ‘Pixel’ filter after they see this.

The main point of us meeting was actually to do some gift hunting. I was searching for Christmas gifts in general but they were searching for their Secret Santa gifts. At the end of the day, I didn’t buy anything but I did get some ideas. And then the rest of the night was filled with a lot of food and drinks. First came Coldstone, then dinner, then a drink at a bar and then ice cream on the street and then Popeye’s for supper. It was nice spending the evening and night with them, having interesting conversations and taking lots of pictures. I know I’ll be seeing them before the holidays end at least once more. So I’m definitely looking forward to that.

Got my Coldstone fix after a really long time.

Got my Coldstone fix after a really long time.

Our drinks looked really pretty.

Our drinks looked really pretty.

We look so happy with our Pillow Pets and you will be too! Get yours today!

We look so happy with our Pillow Pets and you will be too! Get yours today!

Other days this past week, I either spent lazing at home, watching The Comeback and getting my daily dose of reality TV or I’ve been out searching for Christmas gifts. Anyway, the tree isn’t as empty today as it was at the start of the week (thanks to Mum and me, of course), so I’m pretty excited for Christmas!

I know for a fact that there is more to come over the next two weeks. So, stay tuned!

P.S:  Upon doing some research, I found out Jason is starring in a local show called, “What Do Men Want?” You should check it out!

The Chalet


Although the chalet might have started off terribly, it ended alright. I definitely learned more about people. Some things good and obviously some bad things. And the way certain people were acting did piss me off. But this was about bonding so I just didn’t say anything. However, there were people that only had their best interest in mind and acted selfishly. #Shocker ? Well, not really.

I’ll admit that it seemed like we were part of a rip-off version of A Series of Unfortunate Events at the start. (Although I haven’t watched the movie or read the books. Just guessing by the title) We spent time waiting for the cooking committee people. One of them was needed to help check us in. But even before we could think of checking in, we had difficulty finding the chalet. After walking around with conflicting directions from people, we finally found the location! When the cooking committee arrived about 10-20 minutes later, we checked in. And lastly, the chalet room was A LOT smaller than what we had thought. The pictures on the website are so misleading. I swear if I had the time, I’d send in feedback.

Next is when the biggest issue of the whole event comes in if you ask me. The cooking committee spent time buying the ingredients and cooking the food FOR US. However, there was a little issue over whether the food was for lunch or dinner. So some of the people hadn’t had lunch. (When you’re meeting at 2.30 pm, you might have wanted to eat something first) So since some people wanted to try the food, they let us try out the sushi (which was awesome). And then we were to have dinner in a few hours where we could have spaghetti, mac & cheese, hotdogs and chicken wings!

So while everyone was trying the sushi, a group of people wanted to explore the place which in my opinion, is another way of saying, ‘I need to walk with my friends so I can bitch about how everything has gone down so far.’ They found a spot near the BBQ pits and started playing some card game further excluding themselves from the class like they always did. And they were planning on leaving already but after being informed of the dinner plans, they decided to stay a little longer.

We all walked to the beach and I used a stick to spell out our class name in the sand. (I loved my handwriting in the sand) Then we all took a picture together. We started walking and crossed this bridge to another part of the beach. We were planning on playing captain’s ball. When we were about to start, that group of people who excluded themselves earlier did the same again. They were standing in a corner not wanting to play. Their hands are too precious to risk getting dirty in the sand. So about 5 of them left to do their own thing. After a few rounds, another one left too. It was the best exercise I’d had in quit some time. In the sense that I was actually having fun while exercising. We sat by the beach and threw rocks into the sea to make a wish and pass time. The wind was so strong. I loved it there.

But we started to get ready to leave after about half an hour of resting. We needed to get the food ready for the others right? But on our way back we found out that they apparently had a meal (lunch or dinner?) at McDonald’s.  Therefore, they left without eating the food the cooking committee had prepared. #WOW. Really now? Are you fragging’ kidding me? Unappreciative with a capital U. They didn’t even consider staying if some of us who stayed (to maximize the use of the damn room; we all paid for it) left. That means they were being bitter little children that the room was not what they expected. Maybe they were expecting King Sized beds and their own walk-in closet or something? And they ran off to ‘explore the place’ which is also known as finding a spot to play some card game. It’s a CLASS chalet by the way. The point is to break out of your usual cliques and mix around.

After much thinking, I’ve come to a conclusion. Thanks for leaving so that the rest of us can sleepover at the chalet but if you were going to leave, then at least leave after having dinner with the class. They didn’t even do anything as a class with us. No conversation. No games. No eating. It’s just frustrating. And I didn’t actually cook the food so I can only imagine how frustrated the cooking committee people were.

But some time after they left, we tried lifting the mood back up and we sure did. We played music and had a few rounds of charades and impersonations. Everyone was laughing and it was fun. I didn’t really like how some people got a little too drunk but I’m 100% sure it’s probably just me. So I just kept my distance till they became normal.

Everything from then on was great. Majority of us were watching, We’re the Millers but I wasn’t really in the mood. Although we were having fun, I had a lot on my mind. Some relevant to the chalet and some not. I tried talking it out by whatsapp-ing a friend but that didn’t help as much as I would have liked. But it’s probably just me again. I’m a deep-thinker and the only thing that can get me out of that deep hole of thoughts sometimes is a good song that can either make me cry or smile.

So I just distracted myself the best way I knew how, by disturbing Chelsea. As time passed, people got tired and I can proudly say I stayed up! It was my first all-nighter. In the morning, we left for breakfast and ended up stranded outside McDonald’s in the rain cause they weren’t open yet. By the way, I was walking with five zombies. And I was the only one without my head lying on the table at one point. Thank god for Candy Crush but I still wish I had brought my earpiece to breakfast.

After breakfast we headed back and started packing and cleaning up. Then before we left we had a few rounds of arcade basketball. We got the high score but we only beat the default high score. Haha.

My thoughts: In the spirit of class bonding, I did attempt speaking to people I don’t usually speak to. But how do you speak to people when they are constantly in their own conversation with their own friends? You guys can continue excluding yourselves from the majority just so you can butt heads with the others when doing a project and bitch about us to ‘your people’. Communication is a two-way thing. If you have no desire to talk to me and get to know me, then I really don’t have to get to know you either. Cause trust me you aren’t that interesting. I don’t need to know about the games you play or what level you’re at or who your favourite game character is. That’s what you’re all about right? I’m totally fine with the friends I’ve made over the past few months and I don’t need to please everyone to be happy.

The fact that people were dropping like flies was kind of scary From 21 to 19 to 18 and then 13. I can’t really complain cause the room was only meant for 5 people. But what happens the next outing if there is going to be one? Will they not want to attend?

I know that some of the things written in this post are harsh. But then again, I’m not going to hide how I feel when it comes to blogging. It’s my honest opinions, which can always change so yeah. I’m fully aware that the people that exclude themselves from the class do know of this blog and I could care less if they get offended.


P.S: I got Dalene & Chelsea watching Total Divas. I hope they continue watching the show at home. It’s pure awesomeness.