In My Head

852110236_13448670704630895532.jpgThe past three months have gone by pretty quickly and I love how it is already April. I did spend quite a lot of the time being in my head trying to figure things out. As much as I try to keep my sensitive and insecure moments to a minimum, sometimes I just cannot help myself.

But before I get to writing about those deeper moments – which are mostly in camp – I will start with the highlights from the weekends – when I am out of camp.

In February, I attended Jamie’s play, An Absolute Turkey and in March, Shaf’s play, The Illusionist. Now, I have told the both of them this – if our lives were a reality show, the ‘competition’ between the both of them over whose play is better would have been a driving force for drama the entire season. HAHA.


Post-Show Happiness Pt. 1


Post-Show Happiness Pt. 2


Post-Show Happiness Pt. 3

But no, in all seriousness, it was fun supporting the both of them. I feel like they both stepped out of their comfort zones – in different ways – and it made me proud, sitting there in the audience, watching them and being there with a flower or candy bouquet after the show. I hope to see them in action again soon.

The All In! Young Writers’ Festival was held in March too. I only attended one screening of a few short films including, I Love You More, a short film that I was involved in producing as part of a group project for a filmmaking module over a year ago.


Forgot to mention that they were both late.


But it’s okay, I forgive ya’ll.

It was nice that this project brought me, Dalene and Minyi back together a year later. (The other group members, Rachel, Sherlyn and Chels couldn’t make it.) I held off from re-watching the short film leading up to the screening because I thought that seeing it again after a long time during the screening would make it more ‘special.’ After the screening, we had lunch where we gave each other life updates and rehashed certain things that happened back during our three years in Poly. We also did some window shopping so it was some simple fun.

Later in March, I also attended a secondary school reunion with Azfar, Rosydi and Gina. It was hosted at one of our schoolmate’s house. Although I really appreciated the invite, I was hesitant and reluctant to attend from the get go. Secondary school just does not bring back the best of memories for me – I did not really fit in and back then it was quite a struggle. So it was a last minute decision to attend.


I think it has been close to two years since the four of us were last together?


I hope not another two years go by before we’re together again. *Glares at Gina*

Rosydi and Azfar could totally see how nervous I was on the bus to the reunion. And honestly, I would not have attended the reunion if they were not attending with me. I think it was just the uncertainty as to who was going to be there and how they were going to act that made me nervous. I knew Gina would be there too and since she has not been the easiest person to meet up with, seeing her there – though she showed up two hours late – was an added bonus.

The three of them were able to interact with these people that we had not seen in forever pretty easily but for me, it was awkward. Of course there was the typical army talk with the guys but none of the girls I used to be close to were there. (I believe that the invitations did not reach everyone… Oops.)

I also feel like I have evolved from who I used to be back in secondary school and so these people who did not really know me on a deeper level back then – to begin with – did not have much to say to me and likewise I did not have much to say to most of them either. After all, I was quite the wallflower for a bulk of those four years.


At least I won’t have to worry about FOMO now.

I cannot really say that I regret attending but at the same time, I cannot say I am glad I attended either.

And last night, I attended Fifth Harmony’s 7/27 Tour concert after buying the tickets way back in January. I was lucky that Khairul – a friend that I made during the two month Signals course after BMT – was willing to go with me.


Gotta thank the concert buddy for groovin’ along.


April may have only just started but this concert is most definitely a highlight. I found myself letting loose as I sang and danced my heart out. It was totally worth the wait and money and the girls were gorgeous! I felt really happy when Normani noticed and reciprocated my wave. If life was a reality show, attending this concert would have made for a perfect season finale.

In between all these key events, I think I have been doing an okay job at balancing my weekends with meet-ups and ‘me’ time. I think there was only one weekend where I contemplated between going out and staying home but I decided to go out anyway.

Life in camp has been generally alright. I tend to forget how lucky I am to have ended up in this camp and unit, in terms of workload and location. But finding my place and people, is still an issue.

A new batch of about 20 Signallers came in a month ago – a larger amount than expected. I took a genuine interest in getting to know most of them because we would have to decide who to keep with us after a two week ‘orientation’ programme – the rest would be posted out to different ‘departments’ within our unit. And since I would be working with whoever stays until next May when I leave, it was an important decision too.

We kept about a third of them. It was exciting having new people around. They were people who were easy to talk to and did work. But when you look at the big picture, the newbies did not exactly shake up the office dynamics like I had hoped.

For a start, I still feel like I lack a true confidante and ally in camp. You know, that one person that I can complain and vent to without worrying about what I said being repeated. And also the kind of person that I can make eye contact with and smile when something happens in the office because we both know that we are thinking the same thing.

I miss having that kind of connection with someone.

So I end up bottling things up in camp. Occasionally, I do let things slip because I can only hold so much in. But then I question if I should have said anything at all because I get asked if I have ‘anger issues’ or am told that I am ‘oversensitive.’

Do not get me wrong. I am still able to be myself in camp. I disturb and annoy almost everyone around me. And this is an indication that I have reached a certain level of comfort around these people. But there are different layers to every relationship and with these people, it is most definitely on the surface.

It doesn’t help that they do not really get me. I am a lot of things but these people know me best to be ‘annoying.’ I can own that but it does get exhausting when that seems to be the only word people associate you with – even if lightheartedly.

For now, there are only about two to three individuals in camp who I ‘trust.’ It being really easy to rub me the wrong way could be one reason for this low number. But I guess, there just is not that much in common to forge strong bonds over. And with everyone on their phones most of the time, there is barely any attempt at conversation to find common topics either.

Sure, they bond over playing the same mobile games. And so it would be a lot easier if I just downloaded this game and played along. But I told myself back in secondary school that I was not going to change just to fit in and I still want to keep that promise to myself. Call me stubborn or difficult but I am not going to do something that I would not normally do just to get by.

There are also other things that have happened or been said that got the wheels in my head turning. But at the end of the day, I know I can’t let what people think, say or do affect my spirit. It is just hard to remember at times especially when there is no one in your environment to remind you of that.

So I am going to try to care less and not add up the nothings into something. I know it is not going to be easy and I will probably be in my head again by the end of the week – after all, it does keep me occupied. But I will be working on it. Whatever happens, happens.

Fifth Harmony sang in their song, ‘Brave Honest Beautiful’:

“Don’t go and waste your precious time with all that nonsense on your mind.”

And this reminder is why I feel like the Fifth Harmony concert is a perfect finale.

Until next time,



Remember That Thought… ?


It’s been two weeks since I lasted posted a Daily Life post. So, here we go.

It’s only the third week of the second school year but I already feel the stress taking a toll on me physically. It’s like I just can’t seem to get enough sleep. Even the shorter school days tire me out. And trust me, it’s not going to be too long before I start feeling the emotional stress too. Obviously, most of this stress is coming from school. If you were to represent the amount of free time I have each day on a graph, it would be a line that is constantly going down. That’s because all the assignments are piling up and I’ve also got other school-related commitments and responsibilities to take care of. Now, maybe I haven’t been making the most of my time. I’m not too sure. But I’m trying my best… By making to-do lists and mentally planning the day or week in my head.

Some examples of school-related commitments would be, debate club and astronomer’s because I wanted co-curricular activities to make my portfolio look better. I chose these two CCAs out of everything, only because I had friends in them to ease me in. I also felt a little peer pressure from them. I’m not too sure if I’ll be staying in both the CCAs. I think I will.

If you asked for a quick recap of the past two weeks, I had my first official interview during a in-class activity with a toddler, signed up for a couple of CCAs(as I mentioned above),  visited a grandparent that I haven’t been on the best terms with(it went well this time), attended a day-camp(and was thankful it rained so there were no high elements), have lunch with my family(after a really long time) and all the usual stuff like catch up on my favourite reality shows and sitcoms.

Now, everything beyond this point, is the inspiration for the title of this post. It’s pretty self-explanatory when you read it. It’s not a sob-story nor am I throwing myself a pity party. I just needed to reflect and get it out of my system. And what better way to than to thoughtfully construct a blog post.

Today, I got reminded of something that I used to believe strongly last year. It was just this theory that by the end of the three years at this school, I would only be left with two classmates that consider me a friend because the others would have had enough of me and left. Enough of my jokes, bosh and everything else. So, I strongly believed that and I also knew who those two people would be and I still do. I remember blogging about it too. However, this belief or thought had been absent for the past couple of months. Until today of course… It has officially resurfaced. And I blame myself, honestly. It was just a joke I played that turned into something serious and now here I am, overthinking. If the victim is reading this, I apologise once again. I guess I just feel guilty and so that’s why it’s bothering me.

So while I’m at it, why not also mention that I feel like the number of people I can go to when I have something good to share has been decreasing. I really don’t mean to diss anyone by saying so but that’s just what I think. Now, we all know that there are three kinds of people in your life. The people that you like to work with, the people that you love to hang out with and lastly the people that you can confide in. Some people are in more categories than one and some to their own joy, are in none at all. So, I guess by saying this, the category I’m referring to is the ‘confide’ category. Because sometimes when you’ve got some good news, you know that not everyone is going to be happy for you. But as far as I’m concerned, the people that I trust to be happy for me are the people that I can confide in. So, it’s a huge blow when that’s not the case or when there aren’t many people in that category to begin with.

Oh well, that’s actually all I have to say.

Until next time,